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Cooking Food Every Day

3 Edible Bowl Options for New England Clam Chowder

Antonio Alexander

There's nothing wrong with serving clam chowder in a traditional bowl, but you can really enhance the meal with the use of an edible bowl. Edible bowls create unique ways to serve clam chowder and you can create inventive dinner options for the whole family when cooking up premade New England clam chowder.

Learn about three edible bowl options to choose from and how each one changes the soup eating experience.

1. The Classic Bread Bowl

For years, soups have been served in bread bowls and you can enjoy the same option when cooking a 1 quart premade New England clam chowder soup. Purchase a pack of oversized rolls in a round shape. Ideally, you want to find bread with harder edges to help contain the soup. You can also bake your own bread if you want.

Use a knife to cut a circle on the top of the bread. Peel away the top, set it aside, and then pull out some of the inside of the bread to create a larger opening. Leave a little cushion on the bottom for the soup to soak into. Once the clam chowder is hot and ready, pour it directly in the bread bowl until it reaches the top edge.

When serving, you can use the cutoff top of the bread for dipping directly into the chowder. As you eat, start from the top and pick off pieces of bread to have with the soup. Clam chowder broth will soak into the bread, giving you a lot of extra bread to enjoy after the main soup has been eaten.

2. Mini-Crescent Roll Bowls

Use a tube of crescent roll dough and a muffin pan to create mini-bowls that you can serve as an appetizer or a main dish. Spray the inside of a muffin pan with some cooking spray. Take off a chunk of the crescent roll and line it inside the pan. Repeat this until all the dough is used. Following the baking instructions on the package. 

Once cooled and removed from the pan, pour some of the chowder into each bowl and serve right away. The flaky crust adds a nice texture to the soup creates a buttery flavor with each bite.

3. Taco Bowls

Pre-shaped tortilla shells are ideal for taco salad, but the shells can also present a unique way to serve clam chowder. The saltiness and crunch pairs well with the hot soup. A thick and sturdy bowl provides you with enough strength to handle a lot of soup all at once. As you eat, break off pieces and dip them directly in the broth.

Play around with different options to find your favorite edible soup bowls. For more information about buying premade soup, contact companies like Wisconsin Soup Company.