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Cooking Food Every Day

3 Ways Ice Cream Shops Can Use Dulce De Leche Milk Caramel In Products

Antonio Alexander

As an ice cream shop owner, you may look for a wide variety of ways to showcase new flavors, attract customers, and expand your sales. Consider adding a classic and elegant flavor to your menu like dulce de leche milk caramel. The rich and flavorful caramel has several uses in an ice cream shop, especially if you make your own ice cream. 

Check out some of the ways to use dulce de leche milk caramel in your ice cream and present a wide range of new flavors for customers to try.

1. Ice Cream Base

If you make your own ice cream at your shop, then you have the opportunity to mix dulce de leche milk caramel with the ice cream bases you use at the store. You could create a standard dulce de leche milk caramel with a vanilla or chocolate base. You could mix in a wide range of ingredients as well.

For example, a mix-in option like chocolate-covered pretzels would pair well with dulce de leche milk caramel. You could also consider a wide range of nuts to mix in the base. Pair dulce de leche milk caramel with chopped peanuts or pecans. With each new batch, you could try different mix-in options and receive customer feedback to determine the most popular flavor.

2. Ice Cream Sundae Topping

A drizzle of dulce de leche milk caramel can add a nice topping option for ice cream. You could serve the milk caramel warm like a hot fudge or just as a regular drizzle. The drizzle would go well with a wide range of flavors. When you create an ice cream sundae, the rich colors of the milk caramel really stand out against a white whipped cream.

3. Milkshakes and Specialty Drinks

If you offer any drink options at your ice cream shop, then you could make dulce de leche milk caramel a key flavor option. For example, if you make milkshakes, you could add in the dulce de leche milk caramel syrup with a vanilla or chocolate ice cream base. The syrup would add rich flavors and blend well with the ice cream.

Use the milk caramel syrup for other specialty drinks as well. For example, you may offer iced coffee drinks or frappe-styled drinks. The caramel could become a signature flavor and pairs well with coffee to add a nice sweet touch.

When you buy dulce de leche milk caramel online, you can select from a wide range of products and introduce them to your customers.