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Cooking Food Every Day

What Meats Will You Find At A Barbecue Restaurant?

Antonio Alexander

Barbecue restaurants offer a wide variety of foods, from meats to expertly-crafted side orders. However, at the end of the day, it is the meat that reigns supreme. Barbecue restaurants obviously don't all have the same exact menu, but most of the ones you find scattered across the US will sell the following meats:

Beef brisket

Beef brisket is a tough cut of meat. Barbecue restaurants will typically slow cook it all day to get it tender and juicy. The fattier edges of the brisket become crispy and are often cut off and sold separately—referred to as burnt ends.

Pork and/or beef ribs

Almost every barbecue restaurant will serve either pork or beef ribs, or even both. They will either be covered in a barbecue sauce or a dry rub, giving them a delicious flavor. The meat will typically be so tender that you can easily bite it right off the bone.

Hot links

Hot links are strongly-seasoned sausages that are made from either chicken or beef (or a blend of both). They have a strong flavor, with a decent amount of heat as well. Many barbecue restaurants have their own unique recipe for their hot links.

Chicken and/or turkey

A lot of barbecue restaurants will sell some form of poultry. Whether it be chicken, turkey, or both, it will be seasoned and slow-cooked until tender and delicious. Some places only sell wings or legs, while others sell whole birds.

Pulled pork

Good pulled pork from a barbecue restaurant is so tender that it basically melts in your mouth. The meat (pork shoulder) gets slowly cooked until it can easily be shredded with a fork. It will then be doused in a delicious barbecue sauce and served on its own or made into a pulled-pork sandwich.

Chopped pork

Barbecue restaurants that specialize in pork will often have chopped pork on their menu. Rather than shredding the meat to make pulled pork, it is chopped up and grilled. This results in a crispier exterior while remaining juicy and tender on the inside.


Some people will argue that if you're going to a barbecue restaurant, the last thing you should order is a burger. There are so many perfectly-cooked meats to choose from, that getting food that you can get almost anywhere seems like a mistake. However, if burgers are your thing, it will probably be the best burger you've ever had.

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